Napanoch, NY
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History and pictures of Napanoch, NY

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New Larger 1941-42 Napanoch Union School Class Picture

New Napanoch Grist Mill Painting by Bill Winters
New Painting of the Old Napanoch Pulp Mill by Bill Winters
Newly acquired  Napanoch River Scene Post Card

Napanoch, NY Web Site created November 30, 2003 by Bill Winters

Photo of Bill Winters  by Geraldine Christensen Gray

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The above image is made possible by Wendy Harris of Cragsmoor, NY

Notice: If you would like to submit an old Photo of a Napanoch
 please email
I will give you credit on the web site for your generous gift.
My Published Books
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Book 1 Years and the People Published 1977
Book 2 Years and the People Published 1978
Book 3
A Reproduction by William W. Winters of the Yama Farms Inn by The Clock on the Wall
A Once famous Inn at Napanoch, NY circa 1913 -1967- Published 1978

This is an old Post Card of the Napanoch Lost Corners swimming hole on the Rondout
 Stream down by the NY Correctional Facility.  I added the Napanoch Boys and Girls
Swimmers. Recognize any one...Smile. This was our community swimming pool. We spent many hours there. We even
 baked potatoes under the sand with a small fire on top. Worked great and the potatoes tasted
almost like Mom made them....Smile. circa 1940s                                                                                                       
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