Napanoch, NY
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Napanoch "The Early Years"
My Hometown
Old Napanoch, NY Main Street 1911Post Card-Front
Old Napanoch, NY Main Street 1911Post Card-Back
The word Napanoch could be an Eastern Ameriacn Indian word for
"Land Overflowed by Water"
Early Days Continued
Napanoch Early Industries  
Back Left to right: Kelder's Store, Methodist Church, Eastern NY Correctional Facility.
Foreground: Humphrey Paper Mill
Napanoch Knife Co.  Left to right:Axe factory, The Shook Home, The Flour Mill. Late 1800s
Napanoch Main Street early 1900s showng from left to right the the old Shanley Hotel, the old
Bellman Bar & Reataurant, the old Brick Post Office, Herbert Daniels Store and
the Old Wooden frame Post Office. Painting by Bill Winters
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