Napanoch, NY
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Early Industries Continued
 Early days view of Napanoch. 1906. Right Center:The Axe Factory.Center: The Axe Factory.
Left Center: Methodist Church. Back: Napanoch Prison.
Early Industries Continued
Rondout Paper Mill Picnic 1941?
Do you recognize anyone? If so please let me know who you recognize
and I will post your name.  
Photo: A gift from Don and Joan Markle

Larger View of Rondout Paper Mill Picnic 1941
One of Napanoch's Oldest Industries. The Pulp Mill remains are located on this
 site at the present time.

Napanoch Grist Mill 1754
Painting by Bill Winters
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Napanoch Grist Mill Painting by Bill Winters 18x14 Oil
Napanoch Axe Factory Dam on the Rondout Stream
 Late 1800s
In 1898 four men,  Milton  and  Manny  Wood and Fred and George Gosselin,
 were  walking  in  the woods behind  the Eastern  New York Reformatory,  then
under consruction.They came upon a rock that seemed  to contain gold which
test  proved it  did. 1903  the  Napanoch  Gold  Mining  Co. was  incorporated
  with  capital stock of  $500,000.   However,  the golden value did not materilize.
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