Napanoch, NY    
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Pictures of the once famous Yama Farms Inn at
Napanoch, NY 1913

Frank Seaman at The Yama Farms Hut
Painting by Bill Winters

Yama Farms Inn before new additions. Early 1900s

Yama Farms Inn after additions.
Frank Seaman. Founder of Yama Farms Inn

Yama Farms Lower Entrance. Rt. 55     

Yama Farms Inn Trail Bridge, Water Mill and house

  Yama Farms Inn Lower Entrance Trail

      Yama Farms Inn drinking fountain

Yama Farms trail to the Tea House

Left: Old Steel and Board Bridge on Rt. 55 and  the Yama Farm Inn
Lower Entrance. Right: Yama Farms Inn "Hut" in winter.
Painting by  William Winters SOLD
      Tea House                                  Tea House in winter

  Yama Farms Inn Tea House
Painting by William W. Winters SOLD

Trout Pond and Water Falls. Note "The Hut" at top of picture

Yama Farms Inn Pond
Painting by Bill Winters 14x18 Oil

Yama Farms Inn Stables 1913-14
Courtesy of Ellenville Library and Museum

Left:Yama Farms Inn Stables as it looked in 1977.
Painting by Bill Winters 2007 SOLD

Right: These men with Frank Seaman were frequent
 visitors to the Inn.Right to Left: Harvey S. Firestone, John
Burroughs, Henry Ford, Tom Edison and Frank Seaman

Yama Farms Inn Fish Hatchery
Painting by Bill Winters 18x14 Oil

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