Napanoch, NY
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Old Pictures of in and around Napanoch

One of my road side billboards I owned, lettered and rented to the Elks Club in 1973 and the Elk clubs building
Building burned down a few years back. Another Napanoch landmark lost.

Herbert  Daniel's store  on Main Street. Year? Mr. Daniel  sold
 groceries, meats, fruit,vegetables, feeds, grains, coal, clothes,
shoes  and also cut hair at his Barber Shop at left  front corner
of building. Mini Mall before it's time.

Main St: Shanley Hotel  on  the  left and The Old Post Office
 Building on the Right. 1909  Center:  Bellman   Building The
Red  Brick  building on  the  right  was  erected  in  1876 by
Herman Stevens for his  Hardware Store selling Stoves and
Hardware  Upstairs   was  used  as a meeting  place  by the
 Baptist  for  religious  services.   In 1898  Augustus  Whitely
opened  a Store in the Old Brick building. Sometime  in  the
 mid 1920s  it  became  Napanoch's Post Office and in 1921
 Frank Hurd was appointed the Post Master.
From the Ulster and Sullivan County Farmer's Almanac.

Napanoch  Main  Street looking North. Left to right: Mac's Mouse,
 Herb  Daniel's  store, West building,  Post Office.  Bellman Place.
Note Hitching Post on extreme left.

Another view of Main Street. Early 1900s

Old Mine Road[Now Rt. 209]and Napanoch old Steel Bridge over the
 Rondout Creek 1909

Colorized view of the Old Napanoch Iron Bridge. Early 1900s

The Old Napanoch Bridge looking from the Irish Cape Road
Early 1990s

 Old  Iron Napanoch Honk Lake Bridge on Route 55. Early 1900s

The Old Napanoch Indian Fort. Year?

The Old Napanoch Fort Painting by William Winters

Another view of the Old Napanoch Indian Fort. 1909

Napanoch Indian Fort with Napanoch Reformatory in the
 background.  Before   the   Route 209  bypass  was built.
  There are no remains of the Fort. Early 1900s

The Old Napanoch Indian Fort. Built 1774

Napanoch Old Fort Post Card. Mailed 1906

Napanoch Fort
Painting by Bill Winters. SOLD

The Old Napanoch Covered Bridge Painting by Bill Winters

The Napanoch Covered Bridge spanned the Rondout  Creek. It
was a toll bridge that went to the Napanoch Reformatory. It was
built in 1897.  An iron bridge was built and the Covered Bridge
was destroyed in 1932. .

Napanoch Covered Bridge
 Painting by Bill Winters
From the collection of Kay Wilhelm

Road washout at the Napanoch Covered Bridge. Early 1900s

The Napanoch, NY Covered Bridge's neighbor was the Old
Wawarsing, NY Covered Bridge. This was the Burr Arch truss
Bridge. The idea behind the Burr Arch truss was that the arch
of the Bridge would hold the weight of the load on the bridge
while the  truss kept the bridge rigid. circa?

Main Street.  View from old Liberty Hill. Far left: Shanley's
 Hotel. Far upper right: Dutch Reformed Church  Year?

Napanoch Power House mound of Ice. Year?


 Left: Main Street Napanoch, NY. 1958. Painting by William Winters
Middle:1964 Napanoch Union School
Right: Another view of Shanley's Hotel

Another view of the Napanoch School before additions.
 Early 1900s.
Note the X on Mary Holms at left center.
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Napanoch Class of 1941

Click for larger view Class of 1941

Napanoch  School  School   Class  of  1949-50 7th  and  8th  Grades
Front Row:  Left  to  Right:  Bobby Mitchell,  Donnie Irwin,  Don Avery,
Bill Kogerman, Burt Kanover, Vinnie Gallo, Richard Westcott, Russell
 Robbins, Billy Clark, Ernest Baker, Jake Winters.
Back Row: Leona Decker,  Fran Gallo,  Carolyn Benjamin, Katherine
Sheley,  Joan  Irwin,  Frankie  O'Connor,   Jean  Turner,   Tommy  Irwin,
Carolyn  Cook, Sally  Irish, Marlyn  Terwilliger,  Cherie  Christian, Sally
 Jane Weeks,

Napanoch Union School 7th and 8th Class of 1951

The old Hoornbeek House.Was located at the corner of
Main Street and Continental Road.

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