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 Old Hotels
Hotel Shanley

Old Post Card of The Hotel Shanley on Main street. The Napanoch
 Hotel was formerly owned by George Grosselin.
News Flash!
The Old Shanley Hotel is now being fully restored back to the way it
was in the early days by Sal and Cindy Nicosia of Napanoch, NY
 Will keep you posted as to the restoration work in progress
Standing Right: James Shanley.Sitting Right behind man with cap:
 Beatrice Shanley. Esther  Rowley Faughnan   (Beatrice  Shanley's
  sister )  seated   first   on  the   right .  Her  husband   was   John  J.
  Faughnan,   (standing  second  from  left)  James Shanley's cousin.
   The original  photo shows "Hotel  Napanoch"   across the  front. The  
 change  to "Shanley's  Hotel"  occurred  circa 1915.  Shanley   was
  known  to have  large  family  gatherings   on  Easter weekends  so
 I  would  guess  the date  of  this  picture is  circa  probably  Easter
1910 to 1915.

The Hotel was sold to James Shanley 1906  
The year of this picture 1936,39?
Hotel Shanley. Note the old street light at the left of picture. Early 1900s
Shanley Web

Left:Napanoch Cherry Hill Farm.
 Right:Napanoch Eagle's Nest and Tennis Court
Left:Suspension Bridge over the Rondout at the Ferns Hotel
Right: Hotel Sutta at Honk Lake,  Napanoch, NY                
          The Ferns Hotel. 1910         Barrow Farm Inn. Napanoch. 1910     
Barrows Farms Inn Cottage
Barrow Farm Inn        Barrow Farm Inn Pond on the Rondout Creek
Barrow Farms Inn on Rt. 55 in Napanoch became the Napanoch
Country Club   in 1925  and later was sold to Yeshiva Karlin Stolin
of Beth Aaron Veisare Rabbinical Institute.
     Left:Entrance to the Napanoch Country Club
  Right:Napanoch Country Club Walking Bridge over the Rondout Creek
  A Day on the Napanoch Country Club Golf Course 1941
Barrow  Farms  Inn on Rt. 55 in Napanoch became the Napanoch Country Club in 1925
 and, for several decades, maintained a nine-hole, par-3 course. Francis Irwin, reminiscing
about   the years  he worked thereas a caddy,  talked about the course being  on the other
side of the  stream,  with the  ninth hole at the  gate.  The Napanoch Country Club was an
  Invited club, with membership only by invitation. Many local young men worked as caddies
 at  the  club,  including  Jim  and  George Barthel,  Jim Plunkett, Francis Irwin, and the Eck
boys  among   others.   The  property   later  became  a  health   facility  known  as  Camp
Napanoch, Inc.,  and  still  later  was  sold  to Yeshiva Karlin Stolin of  Beth Aaron Veisare
 Rabbinical Institute
Nordland House. North of Napanoch along Rt. 209.
White Wolf Restaurant is located here at the present time.   
Nordland Park. Note old car approaching at right center of picture.
Close up of Nordland House and Guest.
Hotel Hoffman. Located at Honk Lake, Napanoch, NY
on Sportsman Road. 1940s
The Lackawack House Hotel also called the Shields Hotel
The Lackawack House was built in the 1880s.

Another view of the Old Lackawack House or Shields Hotel Early 1900

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