Napanoch, NY
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 Water Falls, Lakes and Streams
 Early 1900s

Napanoch Water Falls at high water. Early !940s

   Left: Sawkill Falls Rt 55A  Right:Fantinekill Water Falls. Behind the
 Fantinekill Cemetery  Rt. 209 Early 1900s
     Honk Falls and Power House Rt.55.

Rondout Stream showing the Rapids near Napanoch. Early 1900s

Honk Lake and Dam.  Early 1900s
      Honk Lake and White Rock
Upper Honk Lake. Looking North from Sportmans Road.
 Early 1900s.

 The Sportsman  Road. Left turn  just before crossing the
Honk Lake Bridge off Route 55 driving from
Napanoch, NY

Water Falls above the Pulp Mill  
Honk Lake and Water Falls during high water
     Lost Corners. A popular swimming hole of the
 Rondout Stream at Napanoch, NY.

  Colorized Post Card of Napanoch Lost Corners.
Fishing on Honk Lake  

Rondout Creek between Honk Lake Falls and the old
 Napanoch Power House

Honk Falls,Old Powerhouse and the old wooden planked bridge over
the Rondout Creek.1905

Another view of the old Steel and Board Bridge on Route 55.

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