Napanoch, NY
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Means of shipment of goods to and from Napanoch

D&H Canal. Eastern NY Correctional Facility in the background.The stones to build the
 Facility were brought to the site by way of the canal and by the Railroad.

Delaware  and Hudson  Canal 1828-1898
William and Maurice Wurtz two Philadelphia dry goods merchants, conceived
the canal in 1823. They  hired Benjamin  Wright,  Chief Engineer of the Erie
Canal to survey and design the D&H Canal  from Honesdale, Pa to  Eddyville
on the  Rondout  Creek  near  Kingston, NY.  It would be 4 feet deep, 32 feet
wide,  contain  108  locks, 137  bridges,  26 basins, dams  and  reservoirs  at  a
estimated cost  of 1.2 million dollars

Map of the Old D&H Canal

Eastern NY Reformatory. Now known as Eastern NY Correctional  Facility.
 The old Covered  Bridge entrance  to the Facility on  the right spanning the
 Rondout  Creek  This section of the Rondout was  part of  the D&H Canal.
1918 Colorized Post Card of the Napanoch Reformatory and the old
Napanoch Covered Bridge
Napanoch Reformatory in 1909

Left: Napanoch Rail Station. Located on The Eastern NY Correctional
 Facility grounds.
Right: Sketch of the Rail Station by William Winters.

Napanoch Railroad Station. Early 1900s

Napanoch Train Station. circa 1902. Still standing and recently refurbished
by the State of NY. Located on the NY Correction Facility grounds at
Napanoch and open for public viewing.

The Old Napanoch Railroad Station. Painting by Bill Winters-SOLD

Another Painting of the Old Napanoch Railroad Station by Bill Winters

Open on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from
10 AM to 2 PM, we will now also be open on the 1st Sunday of
each month from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Old Trains like this ran the tracks of Napanoch during the early 1900s.

Former Oswego Midland locomotive #50, "Weehawken," a Baldwin product of 1872, is seen
 with a work train in Kingston on November 22, 1902. The car immediately behind the  engine
appears to be a flanger, possibly being used to regulate the ballast between  the  newly-laid
 rails which completed the branch.

Headed for Napanoch but snowed in at Summetville, NY. Rail Station

Painting by Bill Winters SOLD

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